Metallic & Foil Labels

Metallic & Foil Labels

metallic foils

Printing metallic and foil labels is a good way to catch your audience. Using silver or gold labels is an excellent way to present your product quality. When you're introducing a new product, design or recipe, a metallic shine is a great way to let shoppers know that something is different. For instance, if you have introduced new easy-to-recycle packaging, a silver sticker is a great way to communicate this to shoppers. Especially in the food aisle, most shoppers won't be expecting to see shimmering packaging. In situations where consumers make decisions quickly, using a metallic finish can give products an edge simply by way of being eye-catching. Best of all, metallics, particularly silver, tend to look good with many different colours. This means you can integrate a little sparkle into your labelling strategy without having to overhaul your branding. You can also take advantage of the unique connotations that metallic finishes have when designing labels and stickers.

We have a large range of metallic and foil options.

• Metallic Gold
• Metallic Silver
• Metallic Matt Silver
• Metallic Copper
• Metallic Rose Gold
• Metallic Blue
• Metallic Green
• Metallic Black
• Metallic Gun Metal Grey
• Metallic Red
• Metallic Teal
• Metallic Purple

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